Team up to tackle
big baddies

Get a little help (and firepower) from your friends to take on powerful enemies that you can't beat alone.

Play local or online

Up to three people can play together through Local Wireless or online multiplayer*. Invite your friends to visit your world, or go to theirs.

  • You can also exchange items with other players.

  • Don't worry—there's enough loot for everyone.

  • Chat and send messages to your allies during online Multiplayer.

Stay in touch

If you want to play on your own, but still chat with friends, Ally Mode is for you. Turn this mode on to send quick in-game messages to friends via the Internet.

Make friends through StreetPass

When you tag other players with StreetPass enabled, their avatars will show up in your world as visitors to Castele. Chat them up and they might even give you presents!

Three ways to buy

Downloadable version

Online: Purchase directly from to get your code right away.

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Retail version

Buy the game at your favorite online store. Get started by choosing your location below.