Play Your Way

Mysterious Doomstones are causing chaos across Reveria and it’s up to you to save the land from certain, well, doom. But in the meantime, there's a LOT to do. Battle, craft, quest, shop, hunt, cook… or just go fishing. It's your life, after all.

Level up with Quests

Find your Bliss (Points)

Your butterfly buddy will give you requests that'll help move the story forward. Complete them to earn points for Bliss Bonus rewards like a bigger bag or the ability to have pets.

Tackle Life Challenges

Each Life comes with its own set of challenges. Complete them to earn Stars and raise your rank, from a lowly Novice all the way to a Legend.
As you rank up, you'll learn new techniques and skills-many of which you can keep even if you switch to a different Life.

Do you take requests?

You should! You'll get all kinds of requests from game characters. Take them on and you may earn some Dosh, the local currency.

It's so YOU

Customize your avatar

Your very first job is to create your character. Customize their looks, give them a name, and choose your first Life.
As you progress, you can show off your style in other ways, too. Create or buy new outfits and accessories or update your hairstyle.

Pick your perfect pet

Adventures are better with a buddy. Once you earn enough Bliss Points, you can unlock pets, including dogs and cats. Add them to your party, and your loyal furry friends will fight by your side.

Decorate your room

Use your design sense to really bring your place together. Make or buy new décor and furniture and rearrange it to your liking. Need more space? Buy a vacation home in another town. Fancy!

Choose your Adventure


Explore the areas around town to find new creatures and baddies to fight, and level up as you go. Some enemies will even net you a bounty if you can defeat them-turn it in to the Bounty Clerk in town for your reward.
See combat classes .


You've gotta have the right stuff. Travel far and wide, picking up resources as you go. See something you want, but can't access it? Try a new Life Class to open up new skills, then revisit the area.
See gathering classes .


Once you have the right materials, you can play fun crafting mini-games and create items to sell or use. Make armor, mix potions, sew fabulous outfits, build furniture... or do it all.
See crafting classes .

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