Welcome to Reveria

The world of Reveria is filled with fantastical places, from bustling villages to beast-filled forests and beyond.

Port Puerto

A thriving city where aristocrats and pirates live in harmony—most of the time.


Mount Snowpeak

Head straight to the top to take on icy enemies.

Grassy Plains

This area is split up into East and West sections and is home to many creatures, both friendly and not-so-much. Be sure to also visit at night for new beasts to fight.


Al Maajik

A city surrounded by desert, Al Maajik is known for its evil ruler…though it seems peaceful.



This charming castle town is where you'll make your home and start your Life.

Castele Castle

Home of the royal family and court.

King Erik

Artisan District

Collect or buy materials, then practice your craft at the Workshop.

Madam Purl

Post Office

Visit the Passsword Clerk and use the password "Dolled up" for a rare item.

How to redeem

Your Room

It's humble, but this attic room is all yours-at least until you decide to move. Decorate however you like!


Guild Office

Change your Life, turn in bounties, or turn on StreetPass™, multiplayer or Ally Modes.



Why walk when you can ride? Rent a pony right here.


Origin Island Expansion Pack

Expand your adventure with this DLC. Origin Island includes additional story content, plus:

  • Extra quests and more ranks for each Life

  • Powerful new enemies and rare items

  • Adoptable pet dragons and birds

  • An all new area to explore—Origin Island!

How to purchase:

To get the DLC, choose the Add-on Content option on the title screen. Follow the on-screen prompts to purchase and download.*

*Please note, to join multiplayer mode, all players must have the same version of Fantasy Life. For example, those who have downloaded Origin Island can only play online with others who have the DLC. You may check your version number at the Guild Office.

Three ways to buy

Downloadable version

Online: Purchase directly from Nintendo.com to get your code right away.

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Or shop and download from your Nintendo system.

Retail version

Buy the game at your favorite online store. Get started by choosing your location below.